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AVR SX440 Module Automatic Voltage Regulator For NEWAGE Stamford Generator DHO

AVR SX440 Module Automatic Voltage Regulator For NEWAGE Stamford Generator DHO for sale at FridayParts, Buy aftermarket parts For OTHER BRAND excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozer, backhoe, skid steer loader and so on.

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    AVR SX440 Module Automatic Voltage Regulator For NEWAGE Stamford Generator DHO

    Sensing Input:
    Voltage: 190-264V ac max, 1 phase 2 wire
    Frequency: 50-60HZ nominal
    Power input:
    Voltage: 140-220 V ac max, 3 phase,3 wire
    Current: 3A/phase
    Frequency: 100-120HZ nominal
    Out put:
    Voltage: max 120V/DC
    Current: continuous 2.7A/DC
    Intermittent 6A for 10 secs
    Resistance: 15 ohms minimum
    Regulation: +/-1%
    Thermal drift: 0.03% per deg.C change in AVR ambient
    Soft start pamp time: 3 sec
    Typical system response:
    AVR respone: 10ms
    Filed current to 90%: 80ms
    Machine Volts to 97%: 300ms
    External voltage adjustment: +/-10% with 1k ohm 1W trimmer
    Under frequency protection:
    Set point: 95%HZ
    Slope: 170% down to 30HZ
    Unit power dissipation: 12 watts maximum
    Analogue input:
    Maximum input: +/-5V/DC
    Sensitivity 1V for 5% Generator Volts(adjustable)
    Input resistance 1k ohm
    Quadrature droop input:
    10 ohms burden
    Max.sensitivity:0.07A for 5% droop OPF
    Over excitation protection:
    Set point:75V/DC
    Time relay:10 sec
    Vibration:20 -100HZ (50mm/sec), 100Hz -2kHz
    Operating temperature: -40ºC to +70 ºC
    Relative Humidity: 95%
    Storage temperature: -55ºC to +80ºC

    1.SX440 is a two phase sensed Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) and forms part of the exciation system
    for a brush-less generator.
    2.The AVR senses the voltage in the main generator winding and control the power fed to the exciter stator and
    hance the main rotor to maintain the generator output voltage within the specified limits, compensating for load sprrd,temperature and power factor of the generator.
    3.Excitation power is derived from a three-phase permanent magnet generator(PMG),to isolate the AVR control circuits from the effects of nonlinear loads and to reduce radio frequency interference on the generator terminals.sustained generator short circuit current is another feature of the PMG system.
    4.The AVR has the faclity for droop CT connection,to allow parallel running with other similarly equipped generators.

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